A note from the author


       Anyone can cook
                          - Gusteau’s
I am not a great cook. If i were alone , i can simply survive with soup and cereals. But no, i had to cook. At-least for the sake of my hubby and my son. Thanks to my marriage and my kid, i learnt to cook.  Wooooo, what an achievement!

Of-course,  it is an achievement!   

for someone who did Zero cooking before
 for someone who burnt her finger even while making a cup of Tea
   for  someone who had band-aids ready all the time
   for someone who got blasted for making frequent calls asking for the same recipes ;-)

Oh ya , this is how i got started, never really had a habit of jotting down stuff. All i did
was call-ask-make n then forget :-( ! and  then call again and get blasted for ‘The repeat Telecast :-) ‘ !  Oh comm’on, Excuse Me buddies ….i am a working women after-all , with no FREE time for writing ..!

Nevertheless , am finally blogging to keep these precious recipes. This blog is dedicated to all who want to make new delicacies for infants,toddlers,children,grand children and who so ever. Happy Cooking !

I am very very thankful to my 
dear hubby who used to patiently watch all the disaster in kitchen ,smile away and say ‘It’s ok , happens’  and bring more band-aids home :-). I also thank him for designing this website and for  his continued support.

Disclaimer: Some of the instructions on this site are based on common practices followed from generations. There may or may not be scientific explanations for their use. User discretion is advised. 


  1. Sunit says:

    Hmmm… Never knew this side of u :) Cheers… Keep going… :D