Jaggery Syrup / Telu Bella /Pathal Gud in konkani

My ammamma (granny) always insisted that i include Jaggery in my baby’s diet. I initially started with small portion of jaggery cubes that is available in market.Then my mother-in-law gave me a bottle of liquid jaggery (syrup) that she found in nearby store. It was more convenient for me to use the syrup. However, the store always ran out of stock! Thats when i decided to make the syrup myself. Oh believe me, it was not easy, i had to try like 1..2…3…times and was successful at the 4th run! Someone said it right ‘Try, try n try and the success will be all yours’!


It is always better to consume jaggery as compared to sugar. Because, jaggery is made up of longer chains of sucrose.Therefore, it is digested slowly and energy release is also slow. Hence, energy is provided for a longer period of time and it not harmful for the body. Since jaggery is made up in iron vessels, it is also rich source of iron. It acts as a cleansing agent and cleans the lungs, stomach, intestines, esophagus and respiratory tracts.


  • 4-6 cubes of Jaggery
  • Smallllll portion of water


Mash the jaggery cubes.Take a thick bottom pan. Add mashed jaggery and water, mix well until the jaggery dissolves completely

Bring to boil in a medium flame until it reaches the required consistency

To check consistency:  Take a plate with cold water; add few drops of jaggery syrup to it. If the syrup is constant without flowing freely in water, then it is done 

Strain to remove all the impurities and pour it in a clean jar


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