kadaumbuttu/ Rice dumplings

              No coorg festival/wedding is complete without kadambuttu – pandi kari ( Rice Dumplings & Pork Curry ) or Noolputtu- koli kari ( Rice Noodles & Chicken Curry ). All the coorg delicacies are mouth watering and healthy. This one i learnt it from my dear friend changi (Thanks Rashmi).


  • 1 cup Rice rava/ Akki Thari

  • 2 cups coconut milk [can also use water instead]

  • 1 tspn ghee

  • salt + sugar to taste


   Add coconut milk + ghee in a thick bottom pan. Bring to boil

 Now lower the flame and add Rice rava + salt+ sugar stirring continuously until the rice starts to form solid mass.  Remove from heat . At this point rice is half cooked 

Smear your palms with ghee and make small lemon size dumplings while the mixture is still hotKAD

Take a wet muslin cloth, arrange these dumplings over the cloth and cover it and then steam for 10-15 minsKAD1