Mooli / Raddish-corn meal Paratha


                      Radish has a high content of an important vitamin, vitamin C, which works in the body to rebuild tissues, blood vessels, maintains healthy bones and teeth, increases the immunity of the body, and helps fight against various diseases. Radish has excellent detoxifier properties, it is good for the liver, and is found to be extremely useful for jaundice patients as it helps remove bilirubin and also checks its production at the same time. Black radish and radish leaves are known to be very effective in the treatment of jaundice. Further, it checks the damage of red blood cells by increasing the supply of fresh oxygen in the blood.


  • 1 Cup of mooli grated

  • 1 cup of cornmeal (flour made from ground sweet corn)


Mix cornmeal and grated mooli to make a soft dough and then make medium size balls  

Roll it to make small chapatis (use tetra pack cover to avoid sticking)

  Fry both the sides and serve hot