Musk Melon Kheer

I make sure that my son gets to eat at least one fruit every day. Mostly it is apple, but sometimes i do switch to other fruits as he gets bored of apples everyday . Today it was musk-melon. I made Kheer out of this fruit; this recipe was given by my pacchi (mom’s sister).

Tip :

Musk-melons are a good source of Folic acid, Potassium and Vitamin A.


  • 1 musk melon
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tspn Jaggery [i always prefer adding jaggery syrup(link) or you could add probiotic jaggery that is available in store . I ran out of syrup today so had to replace it with jaggery cubes.
  • 3 tspn of dry fruits [ i used homemade badam powder here]



  1. Add musk melon slices, milk, badam powder into thick bottom pan
  2. P.S: DO NOT ADD Jaggery at this point, since it will break-down the milk
  3. Cook well until the melon becomes tender
  4. Allow to cool down, now add jaggery and then mash it/puree