Ragi Porridge / Ragi Manni

A breakfast cereal for infants ! Chinnu was ready for soilds @ 4th month. I started with Rice-Mash as his first food.  I then slowly  started on ragi porridge when he  was 5 months old, with 1 teaspn on first day and then gradually increasing the quantity. He is 2 yrs now and i still continue to give him ragi as his main breakfast. No doubt he is a fussy eater, but i have my own tricks to get this going.


  • 2 tbspn of ragi powder (mixed grain cereal)

  • 1 cup milk

  • 1 tspn date syrup (you could also replace this with liquid jaggery)

  • 1 tspn of ghee

  • Small portion of dry fruits of your choice

Note :  I do a mix & match of dry fruits everyday. For ex: Day 1 – raisins+fig+apricot, Day 2 – Almond+cashew+dates etc….

P.S : If you are planning on adding almonds, please make sure you soak it overnight and then peel off the outer skin before adding it to porridge.[The primary intent of soaking the almonds is to remove toxic enzyme inhibitors present in the brown coating of the nut. These inhibitors make the almonds difficult to get digested in the human body]


Add ragi powder, date syrup, ghee and milk in a pan and mix well so that no lumps are formed   

  Bring this mixture to boil stirring continuously on a low flame until it thickens 

Remove from the heat and wait for it to cool down and then add all the dry fruits and blend it  using a blender or mixer

    Ragi porridge is now ready to serve [ i mean feed :-) ]


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