Raisin lollypop for Thumb suckers!


Chinnu started thumb sucking when he was as little as 2 months old. At first we found it very adorable,but as days passed he used to do it vigorously. Mom said , ‘he does it to soothe and comfort himself, let me give him a sweet thumb!’.Yes, she calls it a Sweet thumb. She used to make this little lollypop using raisins and chinnu would love to suck this all day.

There are numerous health benifits of raisins :

  • Its is very rich in fiber
  • Helps cure fever by fighting viral and bacterial infections
  • Contains considerable amount of iron which directly helps treating anemia
  • Have anti oxidant properties which are good for eye care
  • Very good for gaining weight, as they are full of fructose and glucose and give a lot of energy
  • Facilitate absorption of other nutrients and proteins in the body
  • Enhances Bone Health


  • 3-4 raisins
  • A piece of muslin cloth for wrapping6


Wash the raisins thoroughly using luke warm water and mash it gently 7

Place it on a wet muslin cloth and tie around tightly1312