‘Suthkar’ (in konkani) – The magical medicine !



‘Suthkar’ – A fine paste that is prepared using the following seeds/nuts/roots :



  • Jaikai/Jathikai – Nutmeg
  • Baje – calamus/ Waikand in konkani
  • Sihi Baje – Sweet calamus/ God kasht in konkani
  • Bellili – A kind of spice that belongs to pepper family
  • Haalu Engu – Hing/asafoetida
  • Gajake kai – A kind of seed , similar to nutmeg
  • Kempu Kalsakre – Rock Candy
  • 24k gold – pure gold

Not sure where this is available in Bangalore . You may find it in any mangalore stores. My dad took all the trouble of bringing all of these from Udupi.

Here in south we use a special stone called ‘Sane Kallu’/’Stone grinder’ (used to extract the sandalwood paste) to extract the paste from above seeds. Use 2-3 spoons of mothers milk and rub each of these seed against the stone to extract a fine paste. Take a pinch of this paste in your index finger and rub on baby’s tongue. This is given as a part of rituals of the ‘Naming Ceremony’  that happens on 12th day after babys birth. It is first given on 12th day and there after one can continue to give twice a week until the fourth month.

Why is it the magical medicine ?

– It is a great remedy for stomach ailments
– Removes the white dirt from babys tongue
– Helps baby get good sleep
– for free bowel movement
– to prevent babies from catching cold and caugh
– helps baby talk sooner
– helps prevent colic
– increases the immunity and many more.



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